Alex Xu

Generalist software developer


Lassonde School of Engineering, B.Sc., Hons. Computer Science, York University, GPA: 7.7/9.0 (A).

Sept. 2016–May 2020:


Ethica Channel Enablement Inc, Network Engineer.

Dec. 2018–Oct. 2019:

Developed several core projects and provided extensive consulting on C, Linux, git, and networking.

York University, Undergraduate Student Research Award researcher.

May–Aug. 2018:

Co-developed a web platform for worldwide crowdsourced hydrographic data collaboration.

York University, Teaching assistant.

June–July 2017:

Ran lab-based tutorial sessions for 48-student web development course.


wfs, Developer.

June 2020:

Built a parallelized Python web font subsetter with automatic screenshotting: cgit/wfs.

cgit-syntax-highlighting, Developer.

March 2020:

Built a fast Python pygments server, reducing load time from 1.1s to 0.15s: cgit/cgit-syntax-highlighting.

myinitramfs, Developer.

July 2019–present:

Built a fast Linux initramfs generator with FDE and remote unlock support: cgit/myinitramfs.

Linux kernel, Developer, Tester.


Diagnosed and fixed issues including broken builds and suspend bugs: lkml/f:Alex Xu, linuxlists/Alex_Xu.

Core Tor, Developer.


Contributed various improvements (github/tor.git?author=Hello71), including:

WireGuard, Developer.

July 2016:

Developed test automation for WireGuard using QEMU and make: wireguard-linux-compat.git/2b3882.

udpastcp, Developer.

July 2016:

Built a C tunnel to simulate datagrams using TCP packets, fixing TCP-over-TCP issues: cgit/udpastcp.


Resume, Developer.

June 2020:

Rewrote my resume from LaTeX to modern web standards:


Triplebyte certified Generalist Software Engineer

: triplebyte/bl81qcs
November 2019:


Alpine, Debian Linux; FreeBSD; Git; NGINX; WireGuard; TCP/IP; HTTP(S); DNS; SSH; Docker


C; Python; bash, POSIX sh; GNU make; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Java; C++; SQL; x86_64 asm